2021 AIS Educator Conference – Online

Program Outline

Annual Conference – July 16-17, 2021
REA Boot Camp – July 12-13
Data Analytics / Emerging Technologies Workshops – July 14-15

Program Schedules with Zoom & Content Links

Schedule with Zoom LinksDates
REA Bootcamp ScheduleMon 7/12- Tues 7/13
Data Analytics ScheduleWed 7/14
Emerging Technologies ScheduleThur 7/15
Main Conference ScheduleFri 7/16 – Sat 7/18
Join Us for Fun! Escape Room Details & Interest FormFri 7/16 5:20-6:30 PM

Please Note: All times are listed in ⌚ Eastern Daylight Time 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

REA Boot Camp

Monday-Tuesday, July 12-13
Presenters: Cheryl Dunn & Greg Gerard

Cheryl & Greg

Data analytics, robotic process automation, process mining, machine learning, and other emerging technologies are all the rage these days. Yes, we do need to integrate technologies such as these into our accounting curricula. However, we must not forget that our students need critical thinking skills, and they need to understand business processes and basic data creation, data storage, and data reporting (see AACSB Standard A5). The AIS Educators’ REA Workshop, led by Dr. Cheryl Dunn, will demonstrate how REA encourages critical thinking, business process understanding, and basic database design and querying skills that students need as a foundation for analytics and semantic technologies.

Data Analytics / Emerging Technology Workshops

Integrating Data Analytics into Your Accounting Courses

Wednesday, July 14th – 11:00am-6:00pm
Presenters: Kim Church, Cheryl Dunn, Guido Geerts, Gail Hoover King, Nadia Schwartz

You will work through several cases and discuss how to integrate analytics into your courses. The concepts and materials taught are relevant to all accounting disciplines. See the schedule for details.

Demystifying Emerging Technologies

Thursday, July 15th – 11:00am-6:00pm
Presenters: Sabrina Landa, Ann O’Brien, Christine Cheng, Ryan Teeter

AIS educators are being tasked with covering emerging technologies. In this session learn how to make these technologies accessible to students. Gain an overview and an in-depth look at cases on Alteryx, RPA, Blockchain, and more. We will conclude this session with talking points on how to work with administrative staff and faculty to “share the load”. The goal is to help demystify the process of covering these newer technologies and position our courses properly to tackle the skills gap for our students.

Annual Conference – July 16-17

Innovative assignments, cases, research papers, or projects addressing the areas of

  • Emerging IT concepts and tools in AIS;
  • Internal control and auditing systems, REA;
  • IT audit;
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Blockchain
  • Database, enterprise, expert, artificial intelligence and decision-support systems;
  • AIS systems implementation issues;
  • Tips for AIS Educators;
  • Teaching online;
  • Pedagogy, academic integrity and assessment in AIS classes;
  • AIS educational research and AIS classroom teaching, including Excel and PowerPoint.

Guest Speaker

Be inspired by guest speaker Miklos Vasarhelyi who will discuss digital learning, educational leadership, and emerging technologies. He will share experience and wisdom on emerging technologies and our profession as AIS educators.

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Looking Forward to 2022!

  • Next year In Person – Colorado Springs, CO at the Antler’s Hotel
  • Main Conference: Friday July 15 – Saturday July 16, 2022
  • Pre Conference Sessions:  Monday July 11- Thursday July 14, 2022