AIS Educator Journal

The AIS Educator Association sponsors its own peer reviewed journal, the AIS Educator Journal. It is listed at (search using “Accounting Information”). The journal’s mission is to disseminate scholarship that will benefit AIS education. The AIS Educator Journal is published online, which allows papers to include detailed cases, complex diagrams, use of colors and references to large data sets, programming tools and various media objects.

Read the Journal

The journal is freely available to the public, and can be accessed at

Submit to the Journal

The journal welcomes submissions that contribute to the goals of the AIS Educator Association. All manuscripts are evaluated using a double-blind review process. Articles should be submitted electronically to with a copy to one of the editors, Lorraine Lee or Gary Schneider Submission and style guidelines can be found here.

Teaching Notes

AIS Educators Association Members who have attended the AIS Educator Conference at least once in the most recent three years may access the teaching notes for cases published in the journal here (you must be logged in to access).