Call for Papers

Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Educator Conference

Submission deadline: MAY 1, 2024

The Annual AIS Educator Conference will be held In Provo, Utah on July 10-13, 2024. Research papers, teaching cases and tools, computer training sessions, and panel discussions will focus on topics related to the content and the teaching of AIS courses.

We invite you to participate in the Annual AIS Educator Conference! 

There are three categories for submissions:

  • Research papers, cases, and presentation proposals to be presented by Educators
  • Research papers submitted by Graduate students
  • Student projects submitted by Educators

Please submit your paper online through the link at the end of this page.

Papers and Presentations

Any theoretical or applied research benefitting AIS practice or teaching, including emerging and established topics such as process-mining, integrating technology, IT governance, cyber-security, data analytics, database systems, MS Excel, XBRL, ERP systems, artificial intelligence, internet of things and more. Teaching cases which demonstrate current software embedded in an accounting context are strongly encouraged. Submissions may be in the form of completed papers, extended abstracts, presentation proposals, or panel discussion proposals.

Details can be found here.

Student Research Papers

Undergraduate and graduate students working on an AIS paper are encouraged to submit. The best student paper will win a $1,000 cash award!  Details can be found here.

Student Projects

Educators are encouraged to submit outstanding work on projects or cases. Students receive $200 for the project. The educator will receive $250 to attend the conference and present the winning project materials. Details can be found here.

Style Guidelines

Style guidelines for formatting submissions can be found here.

Submitting Online

Use the online submission system to submit your work.

NOTE: If you are haven’t submitted to Microsoft Research (CMT) conference before, create a new account here. (video help). If have submitted before, login here, then search for “AIS” or use this direct link.

Submission Instructions

Instructions for making online submissions can be found here.