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Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Educator Conference Submission deadline: Forthcoming The Annual AIS Educator Conference will be held In Colorado Springs Colorado on June 14-16, 2022. Research papers, teaching cases and tools, computer training sessions, and panel...
AIS Educator Journal
The AIS Educator Association sponsors its own peer reviewed journal, the AIS Educator Journal. It is listed at (search using “Accounting Information”). The journal’s mission is to disseminate scholarship that will benefit AIS education....
2021 AIS Educator Conference – Online
Program Outline Annual Conference – July 16-17, 2021 REA Boot Camp – July 12-13 Data Analytics / Emerging Technologies Workshops – July 14-15 Program Schedules with Zoom & Content Links Schedule with Zoom LinksDatesREA Bootcamp...

Welcome to the AIS Educator Association

The AIS Educator Association (AISEA) is a non-profit organization of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) professors and was formed in 1999 by Professor John R. “Jack” Stewart, University of Northern Colorado.

Mission and Activities

The AIS Educator Association Mission is to develop the skills of AIS educators. Our strategies to achieve this mission include:

  • Hosting an annual conference where faculty share course strategies, methods, tools, cases and other learning materials relevant to AIS education. The conference also provides an opportunity for educators to enhance their skills by providing hands-on training on technologies suitable for use in the AIS classroom.
  • Disseminating AIS research through the AIS Educator Journal.
  • Providing both online and face-to-face meeting places for educators where ideas can be shared in an inclusive and collegial manner.

Annual Conference Fee and Policy

We do not charge any annual membership fee to be a Member of the AIS Educator Association. You need to register as a member of the Association on our website to register for the Conference. You can pay the fee on our website by first signing in, then go to the Conference Info tab, then the Register Now tab, where you can pay via PayPal. Please contact our Treasurer if you are not allowed by your University policy to pay this fee using PayPal. This Conference Fee, once paid, is not refundable. We use these fees to pay for the costs of the Annual Conference, other annual operating costs of the Association, and hosting the AIS Educator Journal on our website.