Sponsorship Information

22nd Annual Accounting Information Systems Educator Association (AISEA)

Training and Research Conference: June 26-28, 2020

The Antlers – Colorado Springs, CO 

Organizational Participation and Sponsorship Invitation

You are invited to participate in the 22nd Annual Conference of the Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Educator Association to be held in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado at The Antlers, a beautiful Wyndham hotel. We will also have a Special Event as an option for attendees:  Adventures Out West Jeep Tour of the Cheyenne Canyon followed by dinner and history lesson at the Pioneer Museum.  Colorado Springs also offers the Garden of the Gods attraction and may other things to do in the area (see https://www.visitcos.com/for more information!) The Antlers, is a 20-­minute drive from the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) and 90-minute drive from Denver International Airports (DIA). Research papers, teaching cases and tools, computer training sessions, and panel discussions will focus on topics related to the content and the teaching of AIS courses. A one-­day pre-conference data analytics workshop will take place on Thursday, June 25, 2020. A three-day pre-conference REA Bootcamp led by Cheryl Dunn is set for Monday-Wednesday, June 22 -24, 2020.

Established in 1999, the AIS Educator Association provides support for the teaching and research interests of AIS faculty in higher education.  The mission of the AIS Educator Association is to develop the practical skills of AIS educators by providing opportunities for AIS educators to share information, resources, tools, and learning materials; offering inexpensive, high quality, relevant computer training; and disseminating AIS research.  Typically, approximately 100 individuals attend the Conference and participate in presentations of AIS classroom pedagogy, hands-on training opportunities and discussions of AIS research.  Attendees also interact with representatives from organizations like yours who come to showcase their products and services and interact with our members who are in positions to adopt your products for classroom use.  For more information about the upcoming Annual Conference, visit http://www.aiseducators.org/  See past conferences for information about programming.

We Invite you to Attend and Become a Sponsor!

The format of the conference is friendly and interactive, providing an opportunity for your organization to develop closer relationships with AIS educators and learn more about their needs.  Your organizational participants are encouraged to attend sessions, offer insights, eat meals, and interact informally with attendees.  Additionally, organizational sponsors are provided an opportunity to share materials about their services and products at tables made available right outside the Conference meeting rooms.  

All sponsors will have their name and logo prominently displayed on the AIS Educator Sponsor Website and in the Conference program, in addition to distributing pamphlets, promo materials, and products during their sponsored event at the hotel.   Sponsors are invited to present at the conference if desired.  Contact Sarah Bee bees@seattleu.edu if you wish to present as a sponsor.

The AIS Educator Association Sponsorship Fee Schedule is listed below.  We feel our conference is a great value, and we look forward to your participation in 2020!

For questions or more information please contact:

Kel-Ann Eyler

AIS Educator Association

Sponsorship Chair

Georgia College & State University




Sarah Bee

AIS Educator Association

Conference Chair

Seattle University




We welcome your participation and look forward to seeing you in June 2020 in Colorado Springs!




AIS Educator Association Sponsorship Fee Schedule


Sponsorship Type


The following options include conference attendance for one person (unless otherwise stated).  Additional attendees are an additional $300 (substantially discounted from the normal conference fee of $550 for Special Topics workshop plus Regular conference)

Sponsor a break – 5 session breaks available.  You will be acknowledged during the break session by a Board member of the AIS Educator Association. 

$1000 per break.

Sponsor the hospitality room – Donate $2,000 to help offset the cost of stocking the room with food and beverages.  Supply us with your logo so we can advertise your organization in the Hospitality Room during the 3 nights that it is open (generally, Thursday and  Friday 8-10pm, and Saturday evening after special event).

$2000 hospitality suite




Sponsor a lunch – Donate $2000 to help offset the cost. Two luncheons are available.  You will be acknowledged during the luncheon and will have 5-10 minutes to speak. 

$2000 per Lunch


Sponsor Dinner at Evening Event  – Donate $2500 to help offset the cost.

$2500 for event

General Sponsorship – Donate funds, services, conference materials or equipment to make the conference successful.

At your discretion



2020 Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Type

___ Break                                                             $1000 per break

___ Hospitality Room                                      $2000 hospitality suite

___ Lunch                                                            $2000 per lunch

___ Dinner                                                           $2500 for event

___ General Sponsorship                              At your discretion– Donate funds, services, conference materials or equipment

                                                                                  to help make the conference successful









Method of Payment:

___ Check

Charge payment – please contact Sarah Bee at bees@seattleu.edu


Signature ______________________________________________________________

Please mail completed form to:

Sarah Bee

Department of Accounting, Albers School of Business and Economics
Seattle University, PO Box 222000, Seattle WA 98122-1090