2017 AIS Educator Conference – Colorado Springs

2017 AIS Educator Conference

June 22 – 25
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Saturday Night Event at Space Foundation Discovery Center

June 22, 2017 Pre-Conference Workshop:
Blockchain, Data Analytics, and other Emerging Technologies

This year we offer an exceptional opportunity to train with educators accomplished in using Data Analytics software and other emerging technologies (like Blockchain!) in their classrooms during our one-day pre-conference training sessions. Join us for a full day of emerging technology sessions and hands-on training!

June 22 Keynote:
OBreahny O”Brien, EY

Obreahny is the lead business solution architect for EY”s FSO blockchain team. In her role, Obreahny brings together multi-sector teams to: i) develop enterprise focused business applications; ii) consider and minimize risk and regulatory implications; and iii) advise client executives on innovation strategies, as it pertains to emerging technologies like blockchain, UAS, and the greater Internet of Things. As an early adopter in the blockchain space, Obreahny co-founded Early Temple– a smart contract startup that uses Bitcoin”s multi-signature transaction protocol to deliver conditional payments.

Prior to joining EY, Obreahny worked in the deal advisory space and gained significant exposure to a broad range of complex transactions with a focus on intellectual property and tax planning projects. In addition to various speaking engagements on the matters of blockchain and its regulatory impacts, Obreahny has authored and published articles in the fintech space focused on frameworks for practical development of technological innovations and new business models in the financial sector. Obreahny builds drones as a hobby with her little brother Billy-Jack who is an electrical engineering student in NYC.

June 23 – 25, 2017 AIS Educator Conference

Innovative assignments, cases, research papers, or projects addressing the areas of
• Emerging IT concepts and tools in AIS;
• Internal control and auditing systems, REA;
• IT audit;
• Database, enterprise, expert, artificial intelligence and decision-support systems;
• AIS systems implementation issues;
• Tips for AIS Educators;
• Pedagogy, academic integrity and assessment in AIS classes;
• AIS educational research and AIS classroom teaching, including Excel and PowerPoint

June 23 Keynote:
Thomas P. McGovern, Director, PwC (Denver)
Audit transformation: The future of audit and compliance through the use of technology

Tom is a Director in PwC”s Denver office and is the national leader for the Enterprise Insights Technology program, which is PwC”s data analytics platform for risk and compliance. Tom is also a leader in the national Enterprise Systems Solutions – SAP practice. As a part of his role at PwC, Tom leads global clients in the implementation and assessment of SAP business process controls, security, implementations of SAP GRC and other compliance tools, as well as program assurance and large data analytics programs. Tom has been providing audit, business process and information technology risk management and security services to his clients for more than 20 years, with 18 years specifically focused on SAP. Tom”s experience crosses multiple industries, including technology, aerospace & defense, manufacturing, chemical, mining, oil & gas, retail and consumer business.

June 24 Keynote:
Alexander Kogan, PhD, Professor of Accounting and Information Systems, Rutgers University
Audit Analytics and Continuous Auditing in the Age of Big Data

Dr. Alexander Kogan [Ph.D. Computer Science, USSR Academy of Sciences; BS/MS Operations Research, Phystech-Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology] is currently Professor of Accounting and Information Systems at Rutgers Business School, Rutgers University. His research and professional interests include artificial intelligence and expert systems, knowledge-based decision support systems, accounting information systems, continuous auditing, electronic commerce, logical analysis of data and data mining, Boolean functions, reasoning under uncertainty, combinatorial optimization, and productivity accounting. Dr. Kogan”s full biography is available at kogan.rutgers.edu, and notes that he is one of the founders of the Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW), the oldest and largest accounting website available through the Internet.

Conference Location and Time

The 2017 AIS Educator Conference will be held at Colorado Springs, Colorado from 6/22/2017 to 6/25/2017.