Submission Style Guidelines

(Revised: March 31, 2021)

We invite scholarship from both a teaching and a research perspective. Research at early stages of development is encouraged. Submissions can include:

  1. Completed research papers, teaching cases or teaching tools
  2. Extended abstracts of research papers, teaching cases or teaching tools
  3. Working papers (including unpublished empirical research, cases, teaching exercises-resources-materials)
  4. Hands-on computer training sessions
  5. Panel discussions addressing AIS topics

If you have any questions about whether your submission is appropriate for the Conference, please contact the Program Research Chair, Juergen Sidgman.

Research Manuscripts: any theoretical or applied research benefitting AIS practice and/or education is welcomed. Manuscripts should include an introduction; purpose of the study; literature review; proposed/actual data collection process; proposed analyses methods; contribution to the literature.

Teaching Cases and Tools: should include learning objectives; teaching notes; some evidence of classroom teaching effectiveness; where the case or teaching technique fits in the AIS course/curriculum. Handouts, such as solutions or student materials, should be submitted with the main manuscript to facilitate the review. Computer data files used in the manuscript should be included.

Hands-­on Computer Training Sessions: should include abstract that details content and nature of session; preferred presentation time (45 or 90 minutes); any software requirements needed for the session. Indicate whether the session is research or teaching focused.

Panel Discussions: should include the purpose of the panel and why the topic is relevant and important enough to warrant a panel session; a suggested list of panelists should be included.

Submission Format: use of active voice and the use of the first person is acceptable; all pages should be sequentially numbered; all figures, exhibits, and tables should be labeled and referenced within the text; manuscripts can follow any recognized referencing method, such as APA or Chicago Manual of Style; submissions to the AIS Educator Journal should follow the Journal’s submission and format requirements (i.e. Chicago Manual of Style.)

Submission Instructions: Submit manuscripts electronically using the online submission management link found at the AISEA Website (“Submissions” page) – you need to create a new conference submission account each year; authors should not identify themselves or their affiliations directly or indirectly in the manuscript; use of MS Word Document file format is preferred. Zip files can be submitted for larger, multi-file submissions (e.g., inclusion of computer data files, solutions, student materials.)