Jack and Maye Stewart Student Project Competition

Instructions and Guidelines for the Student Project Competition

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Submission deadline: April 3, 2023

The AIS Educator Association (AISEA) is pleased to announce the Student Project Competition at this year’s AIS Educator’s conference! The competition recognizes outstanding work by students on Accounting Information Systems class projects and cases and is funded through a generous donation by the AISEA founders, Jack and Maye Stewart.

Educators are encouraged to submit, with the permission of the student(s) involved, outstanding student work on projects or cases. The work may be completed by an individual or by a group and is open to either undergraduate or graduate level students. Awards will be presented as follows:

  • Students with the top three projects will receive $200 per project.
  • The educator of each of the top three projects is encouraged to register for the conference and is invited to present their winning course materials, project, or case.
  • Each educator attending and presenting the project at the conference will receive a $250 award.

Project Preparation
The educator should submit both the student project and a copy of the related assignment. Along with the project submission, include a short paragraph listing amount of time required to complete the project (i.e. how many class periods or hours) or other descriptors of magnitude; and what percentage of the student(s)’ grade was determined by the project/case. Also note whether the project was completed in an undergraduate or graduate level course.

The cases and projects will be blind reviewed. Therefore, when submitting your case or project and its supporting documents electronically, please use a file name that includes the name of the project you are submitting, but remove other identifiers of the author, participants, and school from all documents. Your submission should include:

  1. The case and supporting materials (if any),
  2. Your paragraph describing the project magnitude,
  3. The student(s)’ submission, and
  4. A teaching guide and (if any) other instructions to faculty.